We are committed to finding even better ways to give you excellent service

NorCal Presort and Printing in Redding was founded in 2002 by Jerry Clark. Since then, we have grown from a first-class mailing company that also offered direct-mail services, into one of Redding's finest printing companies. We have focused our vision on doing what is best for our customers through providing excellent, high-quality service. We know that by providing our customers with the necessities they need and the customer service they deserve, our printing company will continue to thrive and grow in this industry.


Great Staff

The experienced staff at NorCal Presort and Printing are the backbone of the company. We have specialists with years of on-the-job experience, able to complete the tasks for your job with precision and speed. Many of our people have been working in their respective fields for decades and bring to NorCal a background and ability of unmatched value. The employees that are newer to our team go through extensive training here at NorCal to learn the intricacies of the tasks they perform. Our experience and knowledge are what makes NorCal Presort & Printing successful and competitive.


Community Investment

NorCal Presort and Printing has made a commitment to its customers and community. We strive to provide the best possible services and products. This benefits both our valued clients as well as the people of Northern California. By providing the highest quality, we attract customers from all over the nation as well as California. This brings in both work and dollars to our local community. And our team loves the opportunity to pour back into the great organizations that are making our community even better.


Unmatched Technology

In an industry so dependent on technology and machinery, NorCal Presort and Printing goes to great lengths and expense to have the best equipment and training to serve you. As well as the schooling, training and ongoing education, we have invested in equipment and control systems that are industry leaders. We have only the latest in computer systems and software, allowing NorCal to process data and mail at amazingly high-speeds, with accuracy and efficiency.