NorCal Presort and Printing is your one-stop shop for all your mailing and printing needs.

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What Can We Do For You?


Save Money On Postage

We can do all your company’s mailing and save you a lot on postage. For example: with a stamp, you pay 55 cents to mail your REU bill. With NorCal Presort & Printing, you will pay 44 cents. That's an 20% immediate savings! That will add up over the months and years, and there literally is no downside. There are additional benefits though. If mailed through us, your envelope will also arrive at its destination on the next day. That's because it does not get shipped to Sacramento then back up here.  Click here to learn more about our First Class Mail service.

Beat the system ON PRINT products

The prices that other print shops charge would make you think that paper is made of gold. NorCal Presort & Printing has been in Redding serving our small businesses for over 14 years, and refuse to join the ranks with their high price cartel. Let's say you had 100 color copies made at Fedex Office. They charge 79 cents per copy, so you just spent $79. We charge 29 cents for the exact same print. That same order of 100 copies would save you $50! We are substantially better priced on black and white copies too. Furthermore, we are equipped to produce virtually any type of printing, and guarantee that nobody in town will beat our prices and quality! Click here to learn more about our Print Services.

Pay less and have an expert team help with your direct mail marketing

Direct mail is often a very wise investment for businesses here in the North State. We've been doing it for over a decade, and consider ourselves to be the regional experts. NorCal Presort & Printing can design your mail piece correctly to save you postage, get you a targeted mailing list to save you money, print the mail piece to save you money, address it correctly to save you even more money, and then mail it with all the correct postage documents to also save you money. Click here to learn more about our Direct Mail Marketing Services.

  • NorCal Presort is always reliable, helping us with deadlines and requests in a friendly and professional manner
    — Myrna Dorman - Digntiy Health, Redding Ca
  • We have worked with NorCal Presort for over 12 years and they have always been very helpful and their customer service is very professional. They have helped us simplify our mailing process making our job much easier
    — Beth Spencer - Simpson University, Redding Ca
  • NorCal Presort continues to meet our expectations while saving our company time and money"
    — Heidi Corrigan - Teamwork HR & O2 Staffing, Redding Ca