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Direct mail refers to larger quantities of mail prepared for mailing at a reduced rate. Each mailing must have at least 200 pieces. You can personalize them with unique names and addresses, but for the most part, the pieces need to be identical. Handling your own bulk mailing requires a lot of time, energy and expense. Don't wast time and money! Let NorCal Presort and Printing take of it.


Mailing Lists

The success or failure of any direct response marketing effort completely hinges on the quality of the mailing list.

You can make the most attractive offer, have the most incredible products or services and execute award winning creativity. But, if you're not getting them in front of the eyes and into the hands of the right audience your direct response marketing effort will fail completely. A good mailing list can and will dramatically increase your response rate!  


Mailing lists increase efficiency BECAUSE THEY are:

Targeted - Focus on a smaller target group who are more likely to respond to your offer, giving you more bang for your buck.

Personal - Speak to individuals and appeal to their interests.

Flexible - Choose from a wide variety of inexpensive and easy formats from for your campaign, including letters, postcards, and brochures.

Tangible - Physically place your message in your customers hands and encourage interaction.

Measurable - Track the success of your campaign.

Cost Effective - Make the most of any marketing budget by choosing from our wide range of available packages.